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15 Ways To Become a Brand Ambassador

Ever wonder what’s a brand ambassador and how to become one? Brand ambassador marketing is becoming popular with the birth of nano influencers and micro-celebrities from different platforms. Yet, becoming a brand ambassador isn’t easy. And, making a full-time income from it is more difficult than it may seem. Becoming a brand ambassador would be the right career option for those who crave more flexibility in their schedule.

Those who enjoy interacting with others enjoy higher chances of becoming successful brand ambassadors. Indeed, those who have a smart and confident personality will find this work easy. But, like any business, it takes a considerable amount of effort to start, before the results start flowing in. In the end, all the hard work can be rewarding.

Becoming a brand ambassador

A brand ambassador is an influencer who raises awareness of a brand by promoting it on social media. Pre-internet, becoming a brand ambassador was only limited to celebrities. But, today the scenario is very different right now. With some effort and the right strategy, anyone can become a brand ambassador from scratch. Along with fame, one can also earn money from it.

Companies hire brand ambassadors to promote their products to reach common people. The task of a brand ambassador is not only limited to posting content on social media but extends to attending events as a representative of a company.
You can promote products in person (at events) or use social media to do so.

There are two types of brand ambassadors:

  • Online
  • In-person brand ambassador

The first one increases awareness through social media and the second one promotes the brand through marketing events or conferences.

In this post, I’ll shed some light on what it takes to become a successful brand ambassador.

Create an engaging social media profile

A social media profile is the resume of a brand ambassador. That is what brands will be looking at to decide whether to work with you or not. And, there are plenty of ways to create an engaging profile on Instagram or Facebook.

Have a solid theme for your page. Stick to one or two things. Don’t jump all over the place by posting dog videos one day, yoga the other day, or traveling on day 3 and something else on day 4. So, just like any other platform, try to stick to a niche. Remember, you’ve been followed for a specific niche. Now, if you switch that, you might lose followers.

Mix up your content. Posting repetitive things can turn out to be a disaster. Use high-quality stock images if you don’t have enough pictures. To gain views, produce amazing content with different concepts. That is how your engagement rates with increase. And once you reach a huge following, brands will approach you on their own.

Try to be unique and not copy somebody else. Because copying someone is not impressive. Be authentic and post valuable content. Pictures, presets, or editing could also be unique. So, create an impressive social media profile. You should look at your social profile as a brand and promote it.

Be active on the platforms

Whether you are an in-person brand ambassador or an online one, in both cases you should be active on social media. Brands keep an eye on how much people love you and how they respond to your posts. That is why maintain consistency and focus on engaging with people on social media.

Every time we open our Instagram or Facebook account we want to see something interesting and want to see it consistently. So, don’t vanish after posting once a week. Try to post a couple of times a day.

Engage with your followers

Once you see a steady gain in your followers, try to interact and bring some kind of engagement into your audience. If one or two people comment on your post, make it a must for you to respond. So, that creates an engagement. Have an interactive session with them. When you post a new picture or a new video, ask a question in the caption, which will prompt them to engage with you, and leave a comment down below. Try to keep that engagement flowing. You want to keep your audience involved. This is something that brands look at.

Brands don’t just see the number of followers you have. They also see how engaged your public is. They can see how many people respond to your photos and videos, how many people comment, or how many people click within your Instagram story. So, if you are not creating that engagement with your audience, how are you going to sell their products?!

It takes time. Be patient with it. If you consider the most popular people on social media right now, it took them years and years to create that.

Learn marketing

Brand ambassadors should know the basics of marketing. Brands love people who can guarantee them with engagements and sales.

There are plenty of courses that will teach you to learn SEO or about Instagram or Facebook ads. Learn and implement them. You will soon start to see some positive changes in your engagement rate.

Think of brands you love and reach out

Aside from being active and networking on social media, here is another thing that you have to do.

Research and discover companies that are looking for brand ambassadors like you. Approach those brands that match your interests. Be it a traveling company or beauty products, after shortlisting the companies, it will be easier for you to focus. Study the social media of those brands, and by understanding their requirements, you can easily present yourself as a perfect brand ambassador.

Hence, instead of shooting in the dark, first research, study, and then proceed after shortlisting compatible brands. Once you get attached to one successful brand, you will start getting numerous offers from all the reputable brands out there.

Network with people

Be it online or in-person, build a strong network. Brands look for people who have a strong network. Networking with others in the same field will strengthen your resume and you will have a higher chance of getting hired by the brands.

They might be your competitors but don’t be afraid to bond with them and work together. You never know who will notice you. Take whatever opportunities that will come your way.

Don’t buy followers

This ugly trend will get you nowhere. People still buy followers and likes. But, it does not bring you anywhere closer to your goal of becoming a brand ambassador or becoming popular on Instagram or Facebook. Buying followers is not only a waste of your money but it will look bad when brands see that your followers, likes, and comments are not organic.

Brands have tools to verify if followers got bought.
Needless to say, it is a waste of money as brands will ultimately figure out whether your followers are paid or organic. It also doesn’t bring you any engagement. Of course, people are just there to mark the number up for you because you paid for it. They are not going to be commenting on your posts or clicking on your pictures or stories. That is just a bunch of dead audiences that would make your followers count bigger, but not going to help you at all.

Agree to work free of charge in the beginning

If you have the talent to become a brand ambassador, but if you are having trouble reaching any company, you should be ready to work for free in the beginning.

The brand ambassadors should represent themselves in such a way that getting involved with the company is their priority, instead of earning money. By doing this, you might get noticed by them. It is because every company looks for sincere and dedicated team members.

Target small businesses

So, now that you have set up your profile correctly, and doing all thing right, you may think, how does it work? Do brands come to us? Or, we reach out to the brands?! Both!

But, don’t expect to get an offer from a big company right away. Companies love to hire popular faces as their ambassadors. So, start by working for small businesses and startups. By doing so, you will gain exposure and work experience. With time, you will be getting noticed by the bigger brands.

Start your research by looking at pages that you may want to work with. So, if you are on a Fitness related page, then check out your favorite fitness brands. The selection process varies from company to company. Some brands may reach out to you, and you get to choose whether to work with them or not. While others may ask you to fill up a form and then decide.

Be professional

Brand ambassadors should have a professional attitude from the very beginning. The image of a brand ambassador is attached to the image of a company. If any of your mistakes lead to the company’s failure, your career might be at risk. So, practice from now and be polite to everyone. Avoid taking part in any controversial conversation or using aggressive comments on social media.

Apply for an ambassador vacancy in your dream company

Don’t wait for someone to contact you. You need to take your future into your own hands and reach out to those relevant brands.
How do you reach out to them?

If a company has a website then you can find opportunities on their career page.

Just like any other job, your brand ambassador program will either be paying you or will be giving you free things to use. So, you need to treat this as a job. It can be a part-time job or a long-term commitment. To make those companies come to you, you have to sell yourself to the brand. You need to bring something to the table and show them what you can do to help their company and promote their product. When you DM them on Instagram or Facebook, mention your YouTube channel as well so that you can cross use these two platforms to promote their products.

Don’t underestimate the power of cold emails. Send emails to brands that you love working with. The worst thing that can happen is to get rejected. But, if you never ask, the answer is always “NO”.

You never know, who will see the potential in you?! So, don’t be afraid of reaching out to your favorite brands.

Visit brands in your area

If you have local restaurants or beauty shops in your local area, they might often ask you to create content for them with an offer of free products. You can try that as well.

Analyze your campaigns to understand what works and what doesn’t

Convert your Instagram account or Facebook page into a business account.

Upon doing so, you can see insights on your profile, how many people you have reached, how many people saved or clicked on your profile. You can also learn more about which hashtags performed better or which kind of posts at what time of the day performs better than the others. Note down all of them and post accordingly.

Start affiliate marketing with brands that are a good fit in your niche

You can also start affiliate marketing with your favorite brands. Apart from pay per post, you will also be getting a commission on pay per sale basis.

When you promote the product, you can put your affiliate link in the Instagram bio. When somebody clicks on the link and purchases the product, you will be getting a commission for generating sales. Even if you are not a brand ambassador, you can do affiliate marketing to earn commission from your favorite brands.

Work with a brand network

One of the best ways to start is by signing up for a brand network site. Aspiring brand ambassadors must have a readily built or established social media profile to get accepted by these networks. Once you get accepted, you can find brands and connect. The best thing is that they will facilitate the whole process for you. Some of the popular brand networks include Socialix, Linqia, Brandsnob, Insense, etc.

How much can you make as a brand ambassador:
Established brand ambassadors have a lucrative salary. Depending on your followers and engagements you can make between $50 per post to $1000 per post. The ones with millions of followers charge an average of $1000 per post or story. The micro-influencers charge around $50 per post.

Things to keep in mind after you become a brand ambassador

Becoming a brand ambassador on its own doesn’t guarantee anything. You might fall flat on your head, or you might become successful. Here’s some “food for thought” after you become a brand ambassador.

Maintain a healthy relationship with the brands

When it comes to marketing strategies, every company approaches them differently. Some companies are very organized and you just have to go with the flow with their guidelines.

Some companies let you do things on your own, giving you more freedom, but don’t go missing an action after you received a free product from them.

So, if you want to keep this relation ongoing, continuous, and long-term, you need to continuously put some work into it.

Use a professional camera

Once you become a brand ambassador to a company, shoot some interesting content. So, make sure that you use a decent camera to create are eye-catchy and quality posts. A brand does not want to see some crappy post with its product in it.

Over-selling a product will be frowned upon by your followers

Do not over-sell. Your audience you for a reason. They appreciate the fact that you work with a brand but they don’t want to see it every single day on your feed or in your stories. So, do not oversell whichever brand you represent.
Also, don’t post too many of your pomo codes. Trust me, your followers don’t really like that.

Zero-in on your niche when it comes to your brands

Representing too many companies at the same time is not a good idea. It can be very contradicting if you are representing too many companies. So, if Dominos reached out to you, don’t become a Mcdonald’s ambassador. Because those are two competing companies. A true ambassador sells when they show they like the product.

If you promote too many brands, it means that you are just there for the commissions, It means you don’t care about your audience and you just want them to buy stuff with your discount code. Brands don’t appreciate that either. By following all of these, you can grab a good opportunity very soon.

Final Thoughts on Becoming a Brand Ambassador

It is never too late to try something new. Brand ambassador programs come with a lot of perks like high salaries and flexible schedules. Hence, it is worth giving it a try. Becoming a brand ambassador will open the door to a lot of interesting opportunities for you. Once you get your foot in the door, brands will slowly notice you and you can earn a living online.

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