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Are you passionate about personal finance, and have something to say? If so, why not write about it?

We are Happy to Explore The Following Topics:

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Credit & Debt Management
  3. Saving and Spending
  4. Investing

Our Editorial Guidelines

Your content should be:

  1. Beneficial to a readership seeking financial independence
  2. Comprehensive & Well Rounded: A minimum of 3000 words
  3. Original.  The content cannot appear on any other website.  During edits, we will run it through Copyscape.
  4. Use of your own Photos and Videos is welcome, so long as credit to the owner is provided, and that we are indeed allowed to use it.

You may insert (1) one (dofollow) backlink to your website/blog within the article.

Please Note:

  1. Your article may not include copied content or appear on any other website
  2. It cannot be commercial in nature.  Our articles aim to educate our readers.

Things to Consider

Now that you have a sense of what topics to write about, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when submitting your pieces, please know that The Financially Independent Millennial seeks to publish pieces that are relevant to our core topics (as listed above), and does not publish explicit, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate content.

While The Financially Independent Millennial has an array of financial-related stories, we are eager to peruse your entries (see list above), your story must be significant to our core themes.

Once your artivle is written, one of our editors will look it over, and if it’s a good fit, we will edit it to match the style our readers come to expect and then publish it!

You can then share it everywhere, on social media, including The Financially Independent Millennial Facebook Group!

Lastly, please note that in the best interest of the group and ensuring the best possible content, we reserve the right to modify, edit, disseminate, and remove content at any time, and at our discretion.

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